– We make you smile


Dragon and Ops!

– Finally! Dragon smiled.

– Yeah, finally! Ops! eyes were as always curiously looking around. Are we in a hotel room, Dragon?

– Yes, we are Ops! 

For once, Ops! was jumping a little less than usual and continued asking:

– What took her so long to see us, to draw us? We’ve always been with her, and especially when she has been phone doodling all these years. 

– Well, timing, as you should know by now, smiled Dragon while looking around the room.

– Smart thing by us to let her see the small frying pan at her mom’s when visiting her. And then FINALLY she went looking for it at Clas Ohlson after that exhausting conference. Ops! looked content and hopetemistic. 

– Lucky that the markers caught her eye and decided that to get them. A close call, she didn’t do it. Dragon filled in on Ops! and went on to say:

– It’s also a good thing she got a black fine liner and the new markers today so that we could show up. And so we can take her to meet all the Crumelurs. 

– Dragon, what day is it? 

– To us, it’s Happy Day, and in her world, it’s Monday, February fourth. So in that world, they count the days and put them into months. And months are part of what they call years, and to her, the year is 2019. They live in linear time, and to us, everything just is; time doesn’t exist, as you know.

– So, what should we do now? asked Ops! happily as always.

– How about going into the golden portal she has drawn for us and bring her visiting some more Crumelurs? Dragon hummed thoughtfully.

– Yes! Let’s go now! Ops! was jumping intensely hopetimistic.

From out of the blue, she suddenly got the urge to put a blank paper on the desk, thinking she ought to go to bed. Well, it couldn’t hurt too much to stay up some more. She could sleep in a bit in the morning. And then she started to draw at the same time when Dragon and Ops! entered the golden portal. New adventures were waiting for them meeting their fellow Crumelurs doing their stuff in their colorful, whimsical worlds. And she was now, unknowingly, a Crumeleur about to enter another place and time.

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