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Picture of the first Crumelurs that appeared.

The Crumeleur
As a Crumeleur, I’m bringing the Crumelurs to the world, making people smiling and feeling good. The first Crumelurs appeared in a hotel room in Stockholm in Feburay 2019, when I was drawing while talking on the phone as I usually do, i.e., phone doodling. I had bought some new pens and played around and ended up with a full-color drawing, and there they were, the first Crumelurs.

Drawing the Crumelurs
And since then, Crumelurs keep appearing as soon as I start to draw. I never know what will happen, who will show up in what surroundings. Drawing them puts me into a flow, and they draw themselves, and my part is to hold the pens. I use a black fine liner drawing them and alcohol-based markers for coloring. Sizes of drawings are primarily A4, and occasionally I do A3 and A2.

The Crumelurs stories
A couple of years later, after they came along, some of the Crumelurs started talking and telling me stories while drawing them. I got very excited about writing these new kinds of texts since what I had written until then primarily had been within my various professional work areas. The Crumelurs’ stories and who they are you can read and see on their blog on this site.

Crumelurs in focus
Now the Crumelurs have taken over my work life, and I’m focusing on bringing them to the world. The Crumelurs keep me living here and now, reminding me that the meaning of life is to enjoy it every day, in your ways and means. And, of course, though, without harming anyone.

Crumeleur cathrin Frisemo

I hope that my Crumelurs puts a smile on your face and makes your day bright and shining.

/Cathrin Frisemo

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